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Meditation is a practice to train the mind and body in stillness to attain a deeper inner awareness. The benefits of meditation are vast. It builds focus, calmness, peace, connection, mindfulness, and stillness. Get to know yourself on a different level and join a meditation class. 


The class involves minor body movement and breath work to ready the body and mind for meditation. If you want to learn how to meditate, or how to breathe more effectively, come join Alex.



Meditation Ages 14+

Various dates


Kids Meditation Series

Saturday mornings

For class times and descriptions, please visit our calendar of events.

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Meet the Instructor


Alexandra Mundt


Alex is an herbalist, meditation guide, yogi, and martial artist. She uses these natural and empowering methods of self-exploration to give people the means to a natural, peaceful and empowering life.

Alex offers classes in Meditation, Self Defense and Herbal Education.

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