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Tiffany Howard

At the age of 32, Tiffany was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. In that moment of horror, she went from living to surviving. "A healthy person has several goals and an ill person has one; to get healthy." Tiffany has always dreamed of coaching people to become the best versions of themselves inside and out.
Tiffany has recognized the gap in traditional and alternative medicine. Her focus is to bridge that gap and help people emotionally and physically. Tiffany is a Coach who focuses on mind-body connection. 

Tiffany has been married to her husband, Michael for 14 years and has 3 beautiful children. Tiffany enjoys the outdoors, traveling, reading and sipping tea (sometimes margaritas too)!! She enjoys boating, swimming, soaking in the warm shade, and spending time with family and friends.
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You can book an appointment with Tiffany by contacting her directly.

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