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Jen Trupke



 Jennifer Trupke is a Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Reflexologist. She has worked in the healthcare field for 23 years. She graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy degree from Emory University in 1995. She has focused her continuing education for the past 10 years on improving her manual skills and developing an expertise in Foot Reflexology treatment techniques. Through acupressure to the feet, she provides a therapeutic modality which gives her clients a relaxing, natural approach to their health problems.

Jennifer loves her work and also really LOVES to travel! She also enjoys Yoga and biking. She is enthusiastic about teaching others ways to improve their mobility and overall well being through this fascinating method!!!

Jen is available primarily on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  She does accept evening and weekend appointments by special request.

You can book an appointment with Jen by contacting her directly.


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